What is RedTeamWx?

RedTeamWx transforms meteorological data into creative software customizations/visualizations, drawing upon 15 years of professional experience/public service in the field of Meteorology and over a decade of field experience chasing severe convection in the central plains and tropical cyclones along the southeast coast. RedTeamWx products are freely accessible and regularly used by thousands of meteorologists and weather enthusiasts, including students and faculty at a number of universities and educational institutions, emergency managers and key decision makers (local, state and federal), military and government forecasters, broadcast meteorologists, businesses, non-profit organizations, skywarn spotters, and storm chasers. It is an honor to know that RedTeamWx has been embraced by so many in the meteorological community.

OK Mesonet Placefile

November 15, 2016

I recently finished updating the 'site list' for the OK mesonet placefile. This means that the script should plot all mesonet sites that are currently active (~141 sites), substantially more than before. As soon as I have time, the OK mesonet scripts will be re-written from the ground up in order to add new features, along with a new mesonet iconset that better supports plotting on high resolution displays.

High DPI Metar Scripts Online

November 11, 2016

I just finished updating the primary METAR scripts (fullobs.php and obs.php) to include support for high resolution displays (up to 192 DPI). The aforementioned scripts should automatically determine what display you're using and load the appropriate icon assets. If anyone notices a problem, has any issues, or would like to provide feedback, please send me an e-mail at brandon@redteamwx.com.

Full Metar Plot (Color Dewpoint) Available

November 06, 2016

For those who find the new fullobs.php script (color dewpoint and altimeter) too 'busy' or a little overwhelming, the original script (color dewpoint-only) is back online and will remain available as fullobs2.php See the GRLEVELX page for more information.

New WPC 48-HR & 72-HR QPF Placefiles

October 10, 2016

WPC Day 1-2 (48 HR) QPF
WPC Day 1-3 (72 HR) QPF

Updated Wind Vector Placefiles

October 04, 2016

Fixed a few bugs with the current vector placefiles and introduced a new wind vector placefile color coded for pressure (altimeter), pretty neat when checking out tropical or extratropical cyclones!

Wind Vector (Color-Coded for Dewpoints)
Wind Vector (Color-Coded for Theta-E)
Wind Vector (Color-Coded for Altimeter)

Oct 5, 2016
I recently discovered video footage from storm chase 2012 that I had inadvertently overlooked. Overlooked indeed, check out the following videos:

Chasing a Supercell on Dirt Roads in Kansas in May of 2012

Gustnado developing underneath the leading edge of a supercell's FFD in May of 2012

A Few Placefile Updates

September 24, 2016

Fixed a few bugs and introduced some new features in the fullobs.php and obs.php METAR scripts. The fullobs.php script has been updated with a color Altimeter plot to aid in pattern recognition/analysis 'at-a-glance'. For those who find the color enhancement distracting, a version of the fullobs.php script with no color enhancement is available: http://placefiles.redteamwx.com/classic.php

CONUS Rivers and Lakes Shapefile

August 11, 2016

Added a new CONUS rivers and lakes shapefile, available on the GRLevelX webpage. The new shapefile can be found in the shapefile section, located near the bottom of the page. After loading the rivers and lakes shapefile, load the AHPS placefile (example below) for a better understanding of hydrology in your area.

SPC Archive Animator Update

July 19, 2016
When any date (aside from the current one) is selected, the SPC Archive Animator tool will now display a list of LSRs beneath the LSR map. The format SPS uses to display LSRs has been altered slightly to improve read-ability, making it easier to skim through the data.

Shelf Cloud Genesis/Evolution

Multicell Thunderstorm Time Lapse

New Heat Index Placefile

July 12, 2016
Try out the new Heat Index placefile by pasting the below link into the GRLevelX placefile manager:


NWS CWA Border Outline Placefile

July 4, 2016
This will work for most WFOs, I havent finished them all yet so a few may show up missing. Try out this new placefile by appending any lowercase 3-letter NWS WFO ID to the end of the link, as demonstrated in blue below.


Recent Website/Placefile Outage

July 3, 2016
As of 715 pm EDT July 3, 2016, redteamwx.com is back online. The outage was linked to excessive resource usage, the placefiles in particular. Unless I upgrade my hosting package I may be forced to make some changes in order to cut down on CPU/memory usage on my shared server. For those who enjoy/regularly use redteamwx placefiles, making a donation (those who have not already done so) would go a long way in helping to ensure that quality placefiles remain freely accessible for everyone, especially as usage increases. Donations can be made by clicking on the "Donate" button on the right side of this page.

Tropical Cyclone Colin

June 6-8, 2016
For those who will be dorking out on radar as TC Colin tracks NE from the GOMEX along the Southeast coast, the following placefiles will come in handy:

NDBC Buoy Obs
Florida Mesonet (Minimal Plot)
Florida Mesonet (Full Plot)

Storm Chase 2016

May 22, 2016
We're out on our annual chase trip, check out some of the video highlights from yesterday (May 21) north of Leoti, KS off Highway 25.

Time Lapse of Incredible Motion on the southern fringe of an intense mesocyclone north of Leoti, KS on May 21, 2016.

Time Lapse of Intense Supercell near Leoti, KS on May 21, 2016.

2015 Road Shapefiles by State

May 12, 2016

I have completed new state road shapefiles for a number of states, particularly those in the Midwest. You'll know it's an updated file when you download the .zip file for the state and the STY file has 2015 in the name.

Placefiles Working Again...

May 11, 2016

The brief placefile outage that began about 24 hours ago has ended as of 4 pm EDT May 11. I apologize for any inconvenience.

New Fire Wx and RH Placefiles...

March 23, 2016

Created a placefile which plots Relative Humidity (% RH), color coded to enhance fire weather situational awareness. A new fire weather placefile plots both the wind/RH color coded according to critical thresholds. Check out the entire list of placefiles HERE.

New GRLEVELX Placefiles...

Feburary 14, 2016

Created single-plot placefiles which plot only one variable, such as Wind Chill, Temperature, Dewpoint, Wetbulb Temperature, Wind Speed/Direction, Weather, and 1-HR Precip. A 'hover text' pop-up window with decoded METAR data will display when moused-over. ALSO... fixed the NDBC BUOY PLACEFILE for compliance with all GR versions, so it should work fine now, even on the west coast :) Check out the entire list HERE.

WSV3 Placefiles Coming Soon...

Jannuary 20, 2016

I am in the process of porting the most popular GRLevelX placefiles into a format suitable for WSV3. More on this in the near future. Feel free to send me an e-mail if you have a request for placefiles on WSV3.

GRLevel3 v2.3x Now Supported!

Jannuary 20, 2016

The fullobs.php script and obs.php script (most popular placefiles) have been updated to ensure compatibility with all versions of GR (including GRLevel3 v2.3x), in addition to implementing new wind/weather icons, a few additional decoding features and a few bug fixes. I have yet to create the necessary DPI icon sets for the placefiles to properly support high resolution displays. I apologize for any inconvenience.

Placefile Outages Expected...

November 14, 2015

While updating the placefiles to support the latest version of GR3 I uncovered a few bugs that went unnoticed until now. Unfortunately, in order to update the code to work for all versions of GR I will have to re-write portions of the scripts, which may take some time. Until then, placefile outages can be expected at times, especially at western CONUS radar sites. With upcoming domain renewal/hosting fees and a considerable amount of work necessary to update/fix the placefiles, donations would be greatly appreciated.

METAR Precipitation Placefile

November 01, 2015

METAR placefile that plots liquid equivalent precipitation (in inches) as reported in the "P" group (ex: P0000 = Trace, P0001 = 0.01"). Click HERE (.png) or HERE (.jpg) to check out an example.

METAR Precipitation Plot

Color Enhanced METAR Plot

October 26, 2015

All icons (weather, cloud, wind) have been redesigned to appear sharper and slightly smaller. The T/Td plot at each site is colored according to the Theta-E value calculated for each site. The altimeter plot is colored according to the altimeter value ranging from blue (high pressure) to red (low pressure). Click HERE (.png) or HERE (.jpg) to check out an example screenshot. Note: The .png file is 2-3 mb in size and the .jpg is ~750k in size. The .png file best represents the actual script.

Color Enhanced METAR Plot

T,Td and Tw Plots

October 18, 2015

The following METAR placefiles plot a single variable, either Temperature, Dewpoint, or Wetbulb Temperature. As always, a hover-text window with decoded METAR data will pop-up when the user mouses-over a data plot.

Wetbulb Temperature Placefile
Temperature Placefile
Dewpoint Placefile

Model Guidance (Text) Placefiles

October 17, 2015

The first placefile displays 12-HR of hourly LAMP guidance for thousands of forecast points (sites) across the US. Just mouse-over the icon at a given observation site and a hover-text window will pop-up with hourly forecast data including temperature, dewpoint, wind direction/speed/gust, cloud cover, ceiling category, and visibility category. The second placefile plots GFSX MOS guidance out to 144-HR and includes max/min temperature, cloud cover, 12-HR POP, and precipitation type.

LAMP Guidance Placefile
GFSX MOS Guidance Placefile

New Mesonet Placefiles!

October 14, 2015
Click HERE for more!

NonFedAWOS Sites
State DOT Sites
RAWS Sites
New Jersey Mesonet
Florida Mesonet


October 10, 2015

I just finished several MESOWEST/APRSWXNET placefiles, with several variations available. This placefile plots a LOT of observations. The first placefile link, plots observations in a manner similar to my mesonet scripts, using small icons (color-coded by dewpoint) and wind barbs. The second placefile link is basically a more complete version of the first, with T/Td plotted (color-coded to separate curves) alongside the icon and wind barb. The third placefile link plots just a color-coded temperature, and the fourth just a color-coded dewpoint. All include pop-up windows with hover-text when moused-over. Try out these new placefiles by loading the following links into the GRLevelX placefile manager one by one:
http://placefiles.redteamwx.com/aprswxnet.php http://placefiles.redteamwx.com/aprswxobs.php http://placefiles.redteamwx.com/aprs_temp.php http://placefiles.redteamwx.com/aprs_dwpt.php

Placefile Updates

October 5, 2015

Buoy Data Placefile has been fixed! I re-wrote the script from the ground up (making use of a different data source) and the script is now running properly (wind direction/speed are correct). I also improved the script, decoding additional data fields including wave height, wave period, and wave direction (when available) in addition to air temp, dewpoint, water temp, and wind speed/direction. http://placefiles.redteamwx.com/buoyobs.php

AHPS River Data Placefile AHPS river data placefile. This placefile plots every AHPS site in the country, color codes the plot according to flood stage (no flooding, minor flooding, moderate flooding, or major flooding), and produces hover-text with information on the site, the current observation level, and flood stage levels (if available). http://placefiles.redteamwx.com/ahps.php

New/experimental METAR placefiles with different color-coding options. Option 0 plots full observation data color coded by Dewpoint, while Option 1 plots full observation data color coded by Theta-E. I plan on adding a variety of different color coding options in addition to other custom features down the line. Stay tuned. If you have any suggestions or feedback, send me an e-mail at brandon@redteamwx.com.

Add the following link(s) to the GRLevelX Placefile Manager: http://placefiles.redteamwx.com/metars.php?ver=0 http://placefiles.redteamwx.com/metars.php?ver=1